Offering private and semi-private            sessions only until Fall semester. 


Regular rate:              

Discounted rate:

$700/ 10 sessions (save $100)


Regular rate:

Discounted rate:

$450/10 sessions (save $50)

1 session:

$80 per student

$50 per student (semi-private)

$50 per student in group of 3 or 4 

5 sessions pre paid

$380 per student

$300 per student (semi-private)


10 sessions pre paid

$700 per student

$450 per student(semi private)


*The advantage to private classes is that they are tailored especially to suit your particular level and interest. These sessions
are available to children and adults of all levels and at flexible times. Each session will be 50 minutes long.

Online Hebrew tutoring at #losangelesulpan. In person tutoring sessions available too.