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At Los Angeles Ulpan one on one online tutoring, you will be able to learn Hebrew on your computer, smartphone, or tablet without going to classes or investing in expensive software. The online class offers the opportunity to learn Hebrew in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We offer Hebrew  language courses for all levels and ages. Start speaking Hebrew in your first session! You'll be surprised at how fast you will build the confidence to speak. We hope to hear from you soon.

Private and Semi-private Tutoring Information:

One student - $ 90 for 45 minutes session

2 students - $ 120 for 50 minutes session
                                        5 sessions $20
                                        10 sessions $ 850


                          Zelle: 310-717-3458 

24-hour cancellation policy: Any lesson may be canceled or postponed, so long as I am given 24 hours advance notice. 
However, if notice is not provided at least 24 hours
before the scheduled start of the lesson, and this happens more than once, then the student agrees to pay for full price of the lesson. I understand that this is a harsh penalty to pay if the absence is unavoidable, but this policy has proven to be necessary. If the student cancels the lesson, then I will consider this a cancellation. If the student is more than 30 minutes late to the lesson, then I will also consider this a cancellation. I suggest keeping my cell phone number on hand, as the best way to contact me is directly by phone. The sooner you cancel, the sooner I can try to fill that time slot and prevent losing my income
for the day. Please keep in mind that I can usually fill your time slot with another student if given sufficient notice.


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