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Beginners: If you do not know how to read the Hebrew alphabet or know any Hebrew at all.

All others: For all other levels, please call 310-717-3458 so we can do an over-the-phone placement test and help you determine your level.

Switching levels: You may switch levels any time during the semester if you feel the current level is not right for you.




BASIC READING: Learn to speak, understand, read, and write modern Hebrew. You will converse from the first lesson. Knowledge of the Aleph Bet is not required. 

BEGINNER: Continuation of reading basic. You will build your vocabulary and gain confidence in utilizing all four language skills: speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. Emphasis is on developing confidence and ability to speak.

INTERMEDIATE ALEPH: Practice and expand your skills and vocabulary. Develop your skills in utilizing the present tense and infinitives.

INTERMEDIATE BET: Continue to develop your skills and ability to speak Hebrew fluently.

ADVANCED ALEPH: Study the past tense in more “binyanim” (Hebrew paradigms) and verb conjunctions as you continue to build your speaking skills.

ADVANCED BET: Continue to expand your skills and vocabulary and learn Hebrew literature and Israeli media.

ADVANCED GIMMEL: Read a wide variety of material and improve your comprehension and conversation skills. 


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